Et Ego In Arcadia


Arcadia Station.

It was supposed to be a dream come true. Neo-Queen Arianrhod's gift to her daughter, Phoebe. A new Solar System, a new world, a new life for millions. It's System Cruise Liners were the most elegant the Empire could offer and the Station was a luxurious new city, glittering on the edge of the Imperial Domain.

But, nothing gold can stay. Not even in Arcadia

“Et Ego in Arcadia” is an online, text-based RPG, based on the animated series “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon”. But, this is not a tale of sparkly, happy days at the mall. This is a tale of a darker time and place.

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08.28.09--A much belated update, welcoming Sailor Adonis, Ida, and Icarus! We still need Arion, Heracles, Atalanta, Orpheus, and a number of Iron Angels, as well as any Civilians, and even the formidable Empress Sin.

05.12.09--Congratulations to Alyss, our player for Sailor Eurydice!

04.20.09--We’re open for applications! Still available: Atalanta, Adonis, Heracles, Arion, and ALL the Crystalline/Iron Angels team.

A Neo-Noir Tale of the dark future

“Et Ego In Arcadia”-

“I, too, am in Arcadia.”

Usually ascribed to the Grim Reaper. A reminder to all that entropy is inescapable, even in Paradise