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Author Topic: [Eurydice] Ghost Chasers  (Read 57168 times)

Kit Thyell

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[Eurydice] Ghost Chasers
« on: December 27, 2013, 04:03:11 PM »
"I really, really hate flying."

Kit muttered the words to no one in particular as she made her way out of the Eurydicean  spaceport, having finished heaving up what little was left in her stomach from the flight in one of the restrooms.  The journey had been rough, made rougher by a solar storm that resulted in some tricky maneuvers by the pilots.  She had spent the last leg of the journey trying to convince her stomach that another round of space sickness just wasn't worth it, with little success.  Some of the attendants, which were already less than accommodating, given it was an economy, stuff-'em-like-sardines flight, kept giving her a look like they wondered if they should recommend a quarantine when the ship landed.  Kit was a little amazed that she had managed to walk off the ship on her own two feet.

Walking out of the spaceport and into the city was like a balm to her ravaged inner ear.  With stable ground beneath her, she could already feel her head starting to clear.  It was unfamiliar ground, that much was obvious.  Under the pavement, she got the unconscious sense that it was more sandy, not like the humus-rich, fertile ground of Heracles or the barren rock of Orpheus.  It was going to take some getting used to, but that would come in time.

She found a transport that would take her away from the spaceport, and soon found herself right in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.  Tall, graceful buildings and quainter shops and courtyards surrounded her, and even closer still were the people, a mix of humans and aliens on all sides, going from one place to another, hawking wares, talking, shouting, arguing, making up, getting lost, being found, and generally going about their lives.  She allowed herself a moment to take it in, enjoying the feeling of life going on all around her.  A speeding bicycle brought her back to reality.  Taking shelter in an alcove that was out of the way of traffic, Kit considered her plan of attack.

She gazed up at the sky, contemplating the large white pearl that was Hippolyta as she thought.  The first thing to do was to secure a place to stay, she decided.  There had been some recommendations on the informational screen on the flight, which she took note of between heaving fits (and once she had figured out how to work the blasted thing).  Shortly thereafter, or during if she could manage it, was finding food.  With her stomach recovered it was now loudly reminding her that she had barely eaten on the two day trip to Eurydice. 

Shifting her pack into a more comfortable position, Kit set back out into the crowd with purpose, watching street signs as she started looking for one of the inns recommended.  Once she had rested and eaten, then she could begin her mission.  During her investigations, she had caught wind that one of the leaders of the clandestine Resistance on Eurydice might have some knowledge about where to seek out one of her missing charges, which meant it was imperative that she find this mysterious leader.  He (or she) would be able to tell her where to start.

The hunger pangs and the determined gaze on her face faded as thoughts of her children crept back into her mind.  Her twelve, beloved lost children, her new family, so lovingly cared for after surviving the hell of the Heraclean streets, only to be ripped away from her in the night and scattered to the four ends of the Vegan system.  Without a second thought she stepped over a low wall as her thoughts continued in turmoil.  Sweet Mei.  Tough Raine.  Brave Tristan, little Seraphina, and all the others, gone.  Again, the pangs of guilt came and threatened to overwhelm her, their claws still sharp.  If only she hadn't been away the night they were taken.  If only she had come home earlier.


If she hadn't waited until the last minute, she might have been there when they came.  She could have done something more than helplessly rail at the Orphan Farm system to release them, or at least tell her where they were...

"Hey!  What in the name of the gods are you doing?"

The voice startled Kit out of her reverie and she turned to see a large man in what looked like some sort of formal robe staring at her, his face red and seemingly ready to explode.  She turned to face him fully, but without any sort of real context as to why he was so upset, all she could do was stare back, albeit in a much more confused fashion.  "Uhhh, huh?" she tried.

He didn't come any closer, and it was after a moment that she realized that he was standing behind a low wall.  "I said," he replied, "What in the name of the gods are you doing?"  A few people stopped to stare at the developing scene.

Kit carefully, but honestly, ventured, "...walking?"

This response did nothing to assuage the man.  In fact, he only seemed to grow redder, like he had swallowed a whole bushel of ignicrux berries.  "  Get out of there right now!  Do you have any idea where you are?"

Kit looked at the ground around her, as she walked back to the other side of the wall.  She had strayed into what looked like a carefully arranged pattern of raked sand and rocks, her footprints stark against the sculpted lines.  When the man had called to her, she had wandered into a round bed of flowers at the center of the sand garden.  "I'm sorry, no," she replied as she stepped back over the wall, "Was I not supposed to be walking there?"

The man looked at her like he wondered exactly how many brain cells Kit had firing in her head.  He pointed at her footsteps in the sand.  "How could you not know to be walking in a sacred contemplation garden!?  You've disrupted the order, and now the local spirits are going to be displeased beyond measure!"

Kit stared at the man, bewildered at this assault.  "I'm sorry, I really didn't know."  She looked back at the garden.  Perhaps it was the hunger pangs returning and bypassing reason, but she continued.  "But it's fixable.  The sand can be raked again, and the lilies will grow back."

The man turned downright purple in indignation as a larger crowd gathered.  "Those are crimson lunar roses!" he spat, "You don't just step on sacred roses and expect them to bounce back like common daisies!"

Kit looked back at the flowers.  Parallel veined leaves, floral parts in groups of three, definitely monocots.  They most decidedly weren't dichotomous, which meant they most certainly were not roses.  'Rose' had to be a local term, she decided.  "But...they're not that fragile.  I wouldn't go around stomping on lilies, but I've walked on flowers lots of times before and they come back stronger than ever.  Wouldn't...wouldn't the spirits like strong plants?"

" don't know the first thing about spirit appeasement!  I should bring you in on blasphemy charges!:  For a moment, it looked like he might try to take a swing at her.  Judging by his girth, Kit reasoned it would be easy to dodge, but the last thing she wanted was to be drawing the attention of the local authorities.  If only the man would calm down over such an innocuous thing, but it was all she could do to stare at him in utter bewilderment.
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Mirielle Teays

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Re: [Eurydice] Ghost Chasers
« Reply #1 on: May 21, 2014, 06:05:02 PM »
"I'll take four ounces of the dried mauja berries and sixteen inches of that sapphire ribbon please." Mirielle watched as the woman in charge of the market stall measured out her purchases and bundled them up in parchment paper, delighted that she could find the mauja berries at such a good price. If she could sweet talk Thorne into giving her some green tea leaves, Mirielle would blend them together to make an Atalantan flavored tea for Vaness. Exchanging some of her hard earned tips for the goods, Mirielle thanked the vendor, then quickly tucked her prize into her shopping basket under the small loaf of bread so Vaness wouldn't see it. "Now time for home!" she declared, mission accomplished for the day.

Today was one of the days she was thankful for all those lessons on weaving through crowds and dodging pedestrians. Market day tended to bring out not only the locals, but also the "off-landers" - folks not from Eurydice. They tended to get lost or distracted easily amidst all the hustle and bustle, stopping abruptly or back tracking and bumping into anyone not paying attention. Mirielle skirted around a particularly befuddled gaggle of women who were looking up instead of around - St. Serenity only knew why - and was about to take off for home when she heard a rather obnoxious voice shouting nearby.

Curiosity getting the better of her, Mirielle slipped back into the throng and eased her way over to where the voice was located. It took seeing one quick flash of his robe from within the crowd for her to let out an exasperated sigh. One of those silly crimson-contemplation-whatchamacallit-thingie-acolyte-people. Again.

Carefully threading her way to the front of the on-lookers, Mirielle was surprised to see that the acolyte's anger was directed at a girl close to her age. The strawberry-blonde haired young woman was carrying a travel pack and appeared a bit out of sorts, so she probably wasn't familiar with this particular local custom and had no clue why the man was turning a rather deep shade of angry purple in her direction. He on the other hand should know better ... Pursing her lips together, Mirielle glanced to either side, noting that nobody seemed to care enough to help the girl out.

"Might as well be me," she murmured, straightening her skirts as if preparing for battle. Proper manners were something she could handle without getting in trouble with the local officials or Vaness. Hopefully. If she could diffuse the acolyte's anger, everything should work out and Mirielle wouldn't have to make a hasty exit.

"Sir," Mirielle called out, stepping to edge of the sand garden but taking care not to place even a single toe in it. "Sir!" she said again; this time more loudly, but keeping her tone respectful. "I believe this young lady is unfortunately not from Eurydice. She sadly isn't aware of the sacred order of spirits and needs your counseling and wisdom to put things to right. I'm sure we all," here she swept a hand toward the crowd of on-lookers, "Could use some of your enlightened principles to guide us today."

Mirielle bestowed a bright, hopeful smile towards the acolyte, doing her best to appeal to his belief of his own superiority before turning to the off-lander girl and giving her a discreet, encouraging, please-please-please-play-along smile of her own.
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Kit Thyell

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Re: [Eurydice] Ghost Chasers
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2014, 07:44:33 AM »
Both the girl and the acolyte looked at her with varying degrees of surprise.  The girl's was more akin to even more profound bewilderment at the new addition to her predicament, while the acolyte's more resembled shock at Mirelle;s boldness.  After all, she had inserted herself into what he must have thought to be a proper and necessary dressing down in the face of blasphemy.  Still, Mirelle's words and her bright nature seemed to give him pause, and he looked about, seeming to notice for the first time the crowd that had gathered.  After a couple of blustery noises, he managed to tone down the color of his face from violent purple to outraged puce.

The girl's gaze flicked back and forth between Mirelle and the acolyte, as if she were sizing up the situation and possibly drawing conclusions to what Mirelle was doing.  "I...uh...yes..." she ventured, her voice uncertain, her gaze continually darting back to Mirelle as she spoke,  "I just arrived today, actually.  I hope you can forgive me.  If I had known this area's significance, I wouldn't have been so callous."

The acolyte seemed to consider this statement a moment, cleared his throat, and said, "Well, I suppose it is possible that the spirits may be able to forgive a transgression inflicted by someone unfamiliar with the ways of the Crimson Crescent, especially one from a less educated world.  After all, it was the Malus, the Great Sage of the Rose, who said to pardon those who come from Outside, and seek to elevate them to enlightenment."

There was a soft murmur through the crowd.  The acolyte's face color managed to downgrade more into the bright red category as he seemed to slip into prosthelytizing mode. He turned to address Mirelle.  "Tell me, do you understand the significance of this garden?"
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