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Author Topic: [Eurydice] A Little Night Music  (Read 60445 times)

Mirielle Teays

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[Eurydice] A Little Night Music
« on: December 12, 2013, 09:16:09 PM »
Mirielle glanced down into the empty teacup for a moment, examining the pattern of the tea leaves scattered along the bottom. She was fairly certain they meant something - Seraia would have known - but to her they looked a bit like a grumpy face with a hand wagging its finger at her all get-back-to-work-already-ish. 

I wonder if Thorne can manipulate tea leaves, Mirielle mused with a slight smile, knowing full well the boss of the Owl and the Oak was not exactly the magic "mumbo-jumbo" type. Unless, of course, he could somehow make some coin out of what he called sparkly fluff nonsense. Mirielle couldn't blame him, not really, not when magic held the same credentials as the Moonmas Fairy in Vega where technology was king. Or queen. Empress. Stop that now ... she chided herself.

With a quick mental shake, Mirielle hurried behind the counter to deposit the dirty dishes into the hot water station. "Last one!" she announced with delight to her fellow tea lady, Ozra, who was elbow deep in suds. The girl gave her a bubbly-gloved salute, getting some of the foam in her auburn corkscrew curls.   

"About time!" chirped Livette from her side of the cafe while she shuffled her broom around listlessly. "It's been too slow! We should just close up and go home." She sighed, throwing as much dramatic weigh behind the sound as possible.

Ozra and Mirielle exchanged glances, the former rolling her eyes at Livette, who was their resident actress-that-just-hadn't-been-discovered-yet. "Here it comes," Mirielle whispered with an excited grin, both girls buzzing with anticipation.

"This, young lady, is a business. We do not close early; we find a way to bring in customers," Thorne countered, pointedly arching a brow. He was almost the perfect picture of menace: shiny, angry bald head, lips drawn tight in a disappointed frown, even an annoyed muscle twitch in his right arm, like he had an itchy trigger finger ... but it didn't reach his eyes. Those were bright amber with amusement, knowing full well he had to play his part.

None of them could tell you when or how it started exactly, but now it had become a bit of a tradition or a ritual - though Thorne would deny it - that somehow Livette complaining about it being too slow always led to the same result:

"Mirielle could fiddle," Ozra responded with a sly smile, pointing at the lavender haired girl.

"I could fiddle," the girl in question agreed demurely, not quite able to hide her excitement.

"You could fiddle," Thorne decided, completing the ritual. "But play something warm and inviting - no customer roulette," he added, referring to the game where you had to guess the customer by the tune Mirielle fiddled up. "It is chilly and windy tonight. I want something that'll bring people in here for tea and a cozy fire."

"Yes, sir! Right away, sir!" She took great care collecting her violin from its case while Thorne activated the broadcasting system that connected to a pair of speakers outside. Taking her place in the center of the room, Mirielle eased into her fiddling.

She always started out softly, crooning, welcoming her friend back into her arms. There it would guide her back to a happier time - a party - with flowers and cake and her dearest friends surrounding her. And it would sing for her, trilling out those feelings for the world to hear, in a voice that could say the things she couldn't. That singularly happy moment spun out from the violin as Mirielle wove her memories into the notes, fingers flying across the strings, doing everything she could to keep her thoughts from reaching a certain point. They slipped past on occasion, but she knew she had mostly succeeded at Thorne's assignment from the lively clapping coming from her companions through the haze of her playing. Now she just needed to snag a customer or three and all would be well.
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Roimata Liron

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Re: [Eurydice] A Little Night Music
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2014, 10:34:52 AM »
The music she played transferred through the speakers, and wafted out into the street before the shop.  Outside, a young man stared at the cafe, captured by the music but not entirely sure about entering the shoppe. A long, woven black scarf that looped over his head like a hood, requiring someone to get close to see his face and eyes clearly.  He had never been to Eurydice before, and the sun was so large and bright to his senses, even on a hazy day like this.  A guitar case was strapped to his back with wide leather straps, and he wore a weathered charcoal black suit jacket with well-fitted black pants, a stark contrast to the bright, pale streets of the town.  There was no hiding he was a foreigner, but the people of Eurydice seemed used to travelers, so Roimata had tried to put it out of his mind. 

Just a few minutes ago, he was walking around a quiet quarter of town deep in his own thoughts, thinking about his next show, thinking about money, thinking about where in the system his tour might take him next.  In the next moment, he heard a sweet tune, and he stopped completely in the middle of the sidewalk.  Roimata lifted his head and closed his eyes for a moment, and focused on the new music completely.  The melody he heard now had never been written in any song book or passed down in any tradition he knew of, but he sensed no hesitation in the notes either, as would be the case with many other improvisations.  In his mind's eye he imagined a hummingbird and a field, such was the energy and joy he heard. 

He opened his eyes and looked for the source.  He had passed plenty of buskers on this planet who played sweet, upbeat folk songs, to make passerbys feel more charitable.  But they were not the source of the sound.  Roimata realized that the noise came from a pair of modest speakers situated outside a quaint little cafe, situated among a flower box.  A window did face the inside, but it wasn't a clear view in from the street.  A few other people stopped as well, including a young school girl and an elderly couple.  The couple read the menu as they decided whether or not they would go in.  The indecision that froze Roimata had nothing to do with teas and sweets, but finally, he did decide to satisfy his compulsions and curiosity.   

The tea shoppe seemed far removed from his style, so he quietly slipped inside and stood against the wall near the doorway, as if he didn't belong.  He hadn't thought about what to expect from the musician he heard, but it appeared that she worked at the shoppe, and looked to be about his age too.  As a musician himself, Roimata realized that the energy in the room seemed to revolve around her now, rising and falling with the notes she played.   

But of course, the two server girls wouldn't miss the arrival of a new customer, and he was approached in short order.
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Mirielle Teays

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Re: [Eurydice] A Little Night Music
« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2014, 07:25:36 PM »
"She did it! Oh! My! Gosh! She totally did it! He has to be some kind of incognito super musician and Miri lured him in with her violin like a siren or something. You owe me half your tips, Ozra," Livette declared practically quivering with excitement.

"Just because he has a guitar and is wearing a hood doesn't mean the guy is famous. It might just mean he's cold. Don't you remember the creeper with the shiny suit - that you swore was a director from Psyche - who turned out to be a used hovercraft salesman? ... Besides, you only get my tips if he signs you or introduces you to a producer. And Miri should get some too since she gave you your big break." Realizing that Livette was too busy preening by using a tea kettle as a mirror to listen, Ozra rolled her eyes for the fifth time that night and tugged on the blonde's apron. "Let's get this over with so I can say I told you so."

As the girls passed Mirielle, even she could pick up on Livette's anticipation through the haze of her playing. She carefully keyed in to her friend's emotions and eased them into her wordless song, transitioning the tune from her own memories to that of Livette's ever present desire to become famous. That was much safer territory than her own thoughts.

Ozra inclined her head as they approached the new customer, then smirked when she identified the tune Mirielle had shifted into playing: a version of Livette's song that she normally played during her customer roulette sequence. Except somehow it sounded even perkier than normal. A quick glance at Livette told her the blonde was too enamored with the "famous musician" to notice just yet. "Don't mind her," Ozra greeted the newcomer, jerking a thumb in her co-worker's direction. "She doesn't bite, but she may ask for an autograph. Or a contract."

"Oz~z~z~ra!" Livette exclaimed, tripling the syllables in protest. "I am not that uncouth." The now hush! was left unsaid, but her bright blue eyes spoke volumes. Turning her full attention back to their customer, she beamed up at him, trying her best to get a good look at his face from underneath his scarf. "Please allow me to introduce myself: I'm Livette and this is Ozra," she added, nodding her head to the brunette standing next to her. "We'd be happy to help you. Is there anything we can do? Would you like a seat? Some tea or coffee?" Would you please take your bloody scarf off so I can see you? Livette really, really wanted to ask that one but she bit her tongue only because it would prove Ozra's point if she said it aloud.
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