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Author Topic: Iron Angels - Further Discussion  (Read 1692 times)


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Iron Angels - Further Discussion
« on: July 22, 2013, 10:43:37 PM »
So on Sunday's chat, we were looking over Iron Angel information, and tripped over two questions that probably need a weigh-in from the cast at large.  I'm laying out what was discussed and some possible solutions - you can either respond here with your ideas, or let me know and we can discuss in PM or chat.

Thanks to Ingrid and Ru, who have brought up these questions as well as some ideas for moving forward!

Too many names?

So right now, a given Iron Angel has at least four names or titles.

a) Sailor Garnet, the Sailor Title
b) Scarlett McHenna, the Civilian Name (+1 if they have an alias too)
c) Minister of Peace, the Ministry Title
d) Ira, the Model Name

Looking at the Cast Table, and the Iron Angel app, this seems to be too much, and a bit confusing as well.  The table for the Iron Angels is crammed full of these names, which might not all be useful or necessary in story. 

I think at the very least, the full Minister title could fall off.  I think making it so all of the Angels have the "Minister" rank could still be useful, giving them a sort of political title (like Ambassador or Senator) for them to use in government and official use.  But instead of being "Minister of Peace" (which doesn't seem to have a lot of in-game applicability), it would be a title, so "Minister Garnet".  The ruling families/officials of a planet would use the "Minister" title for the Angel as respect then, rather than it being an additional, separate job on top of being Sin's agent and guardian of a planet.

There is no stopping Minister Garnet from being the center of a pile of peace-centric and harmonic propaganda, and being called "Minister of Peace" by her fierce followers.  But I don't think it is something a player should be held to if they don't feel like investing a lot of development in the political side of their Iron Angel.   

The Model Name is also a bit in doubt, if only because it is hard to figure out situations where the Angel would actually be addressed by that name.  The Model Names give away how 'evil' the Angels are, so they certainly could not be used in public.  The only person I could think of who might use it is Sin, the creator of the Angels, but that still doesn't have a lot of in-game application.  Sailor Garnet would be enough to indicate how specific and special that particular Angel is, so is there the need to use Ira as well?   We could keep the Model Names around as a reference, but maybe not something that people necessary make note of in the applications.

So the big question is - are we okay with letting go of the full Ministry titles (keeping only the 'Minister' part), and diminishing the usage of the Model Name?  What might be some consequences to losing them?  Are there any alternatives we want to bring forward?

Why would the Iron Angels possess negative spheres, like Lust and Gluttony?

Without a doubt, the populace at large would only know about the Angel's elemental sphere, such as Water or Light.  But the Angel has their secondary Vice sphere that is not well-known, which flavors their personality and attack abilities.  How did they get that negative sphere though?  Why would Sin allow her flawless babies to have a sphere like that?

I never thought of question before the chat yesterday XD  The first idea below is what I kinda assumed about the situation, while the second is a possible work-around that makes the negative-sphere an intentional feature of the Angels (rather than a bug XD )

1) It was an accident. Sin created the Iron Angels with the intention of using them to help eliminate vice, and this fixation on vice and sins might have bled over as she was creating the Angels' artificial Sailor Crystals.  Because she was thinking about the vice, the crystal embodied that vice.  But it is too difficult and takes too much precious material to make another attempt, so Sin kept the Crystals, and just believed that her Angels wouldn't fall to stupid base pleasures.

2) Sin intentionally gave the Iron Angels sin-powers as tools to force the populace to fall into line.  Again, this is with the expectation that her Angels were too good to fall into the trappings of that sin.  For example, Opal, with the sphere of Pride, might use a tactic of undercutting the pride of the Gentry to manipulate them into taking harsher control over the people.  So her deep knowledge of Pride and how it motivates people leads to her using it against others successfully.  Or Lapis, with Lust, might seduce and then make fools of people with her magic, making them lose face and power and intimidating others.  So the elements were put there intentionally as tools for exploiting their enemies - without the thought that maybe the Angels might embody those sins themselves.

I haven't thought of any other alternatives yet, but I dig the second idea, which has a flavor of "use the feelings of the dirty humans against them", which is a rather Sailor Moon-y trope.  Is there any other ideas people have thought of?  Alternatives?  Concerns? 

Again, contact me!  I will update this thread as we gather more ideas and opinions :D and if you have other Iron Angel questions not covered here, go for it!