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  • Brenna: Hey, Arcadians! I started a community on for us. Think of it as a chatroom with a jukebox we can all take turns using. Whip up an account and let me know your account name (it's a private room).
    July 02, 2015, 04:14:52 PM
  • Brenna: I'm still here! Waiting... *hopeful*
    June 30, 2015, 02:26:07 PM
  • Edgewise: ;_; Thank you, very much.
    May 25, 2015, 08:27:28 PM
  • Alyss: I hope not!
    May 21, 2015, 03:32:13 PM
  • Edgewise: ...Please tell me this rpg hasn't been abandoned for the second time in six years. Please.
    May 18, 2015, 08:21:36 PM
  • Edgewise: Omg stay warm, everybody!  ;__;
    November 19, 2014, 01:00:04 PM
  • Ingrid: Maybe when they were kids XD
    October 19, 2014, 12:15:33 PM
  • Alyss: Phoebe wouldn't want Vaness to feel bad either, though, or dress up as something she really, really would rather not wear. Rapunzel and Sleeping Beauty have pretty dresses, so she'd be perfectly happy going as one of them. ^_^ (And the puppy dog eyes may end up on Roi to go as Flynn. XD)
    October 17, 2014, 01:04:57 PM
  • Alyss: She does - complete with a little bottom lip wibble. ^^;
    October 17, 2014, 12:59:37 PM
  • Ingrid: I bet Phoebe has the best puppy eyes
    October 17, 2014, 10:40:58 AM
  • Ingrid: Oh no ;_; Now Vaness feels bad
    October 17, 2014, 10:40:49 AM
  • Alyss: Phoebe would probably go as Rapunzel or Sleeping Beauty since they are both "hidden" princesses like her. (But only because Vaness probably won't go as Elsa to her Anna. XD)
    October 17, 2014, 10:35:10 AM
  • Brenna: Phia will dress as a butterfly, because its the last thing anyone will see coming out of the world's biggest tomboy.
    October 14, 2014, 10:54:38 PM
  • Brenna: Doc Lamya would go as the Ghost of Breakfasts Yet To Come, with a bacon and eggs print shroud.
    October 14, 2014, 10:53:31 PM
  • Ru: That is so awesome.  :D
    October 14, 2014, 06:06:48 PM
  • Pixie: Kivan would go as Liberace XD
    October 14, 2014, 05:50:22 AM
  • Ru: Kit I think might be a total geek and dress up as some historical figure her dad taught her about.  And then be a little confused that no one knows who she is.
    October 13, 2014, 06:52:34 PM
  • Ru: Hmm, I think Seren might go as a zombie, just to confuse the hell out of people.  She'd play it totally straight, and people would STILL find her attractive.
    October 13, 2014, 06:50:57 PM
  • Ingrid: Vaness goes as Flame Princess because of all the Elsa jokes
    October 13, 2014, 01:51:42 PM
  • Pixie: Pwyll would perversely go as his sister XD
    October 13, 2014, 07:05:13 AM
  • Brenna: Autumn Question Times! Cast Masquerade/Trick or Treating! What/Who/When is your character going as?
    October 11, 2014, 08:50:34 AM
  • Ru: Excellent, okay!  <3
    October 06, 2014, 06:36:01 PM
  • Brenna: Triso probably did. Seraita wasn't strong enough to swim, so she mostly waded.
    October 01, 2014, 01:59:40 PM
  • Ru: HEY so just a little question - for those of you with Lost Kids, do your kids know how to swim?
    September 25, 2014, 06:10:07 PM
  • Ingrid: Thank you <3
    September 23, 2014, 09:33:18 AM
  • Edgewise: More. Draw moarr
    September 20, 2014, 07:30:58 PM
  • * Edgewise is late to the party, as usual
    September 20, 2014, 07:30:31 PM
  • Brenna: Oh, how luscious!
    September 17, 2014, 04:28:14 PM
  • Alyss: Please do! :)
    September 15, 2014, 01:47:31 PM
  • Ingrid: Okay, mind if I improvise?
    September 15, 2014, 01:46:04 PM
  • Alyss: And I've been trying to find a good flower for Phoebe. I've come up with a few (white rose, lily of the valley, magnolia, etc), but haven't settled on one yet.
    September 15, 2014, 01:02:17 PM
  • Alyss: Pretty! :)
    September 15, 2014, 01:00:15 PM
  • Ingrid: I redrew Daki because reasons
    September 15, 2014, 11:58:03 AM
  • Ingrid: [link]
    September 15, 2014, 11:57:55 AM
  • Ingrid: Does Phoebe have a specific symbolic flower?
    September 15, 2014, 10:50:03 AM
  • Ingrid: Thank you :D
    September 14, 2014, 08:07:45 PM
  • Alyss: Yay for Ingrid arts! <3 They are awesome! ^^ <3
    September 14, 2014, 05:14:20 PM
  • Ingrid: Thank you <333
    September 14, 2014, 08:41:51 AM
  • Pixie: OMG those are awesome! <3
    September 14, 2014, 06:07:41 AM
  • Ru: And Daki is all sorts of gorgeous, and I love her hidey bangs.
    September 14, 2014, 05:03:13 AM

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Knights of Elysium

Who are the Knights of Elysium?

Once upon a time, the ruler of the Realm of Dreams was named Helios, and he was the consort to Queen Lady Serenity.  After a few centuries of reign by her side, Helios realized that he was soon to pass from the realm of the living, and he wanted his powers to persist in the future for the defense of the Royal Family, as well for the sake of the greater Realm of Dreams.  So he created the Knights of Elysium, who number anywhere between eight to sixteen, gave them powers that allow them to traverse the realm of dreams, and bade them to protect the throne as well as the precious dreams of all of the people in the kingdom. 

Unlike the Senshi teams, the Knights of Elysium are a very covert, very mysterious team.  So covert that while the Royal Family knows that the Knights of Elysium exist, only very rarely do they actually know the identities of these knights.  This is because Helios created the Knights to be sleeper agents in the truest sense of the word - while conscious, the Knights live normal, ordinary lives, but when they sleep, they unconsciously act as protectors, both of dreams and within reality.  Knights have no idea of their own identities as such, and many of them live and die without ever realizing their alternate identity.  A Knight comes into their powers usually as a teenager or young adult, and keeps them until they die - the exception is if the Knight chooses to transfer his or her power to another person, which they can do via dreams.

There are six Knights currently in Vega - some of them may have been born to become Knights, while some of them may have been chosen by existing Knights in Sol and had powers remotely transferred to them.  A Knightís first objective is to be in a position to protect Princess Phoebe if they can, and their second objective is to watch the health of dreams, and try to help the common people where they can.

Knights are able to access the Dreamscape, which is the dimension of dreams and illusions everyone can access when they sleep.  The Dreamscape has no specific size or shape, but rather builds itself up as sleepers start to dream and add the places in their dreams to the overall dimension.  If a child dreams of an amusement park, then the amusement park they imagine will appear in the Dreamscape, and the child can be found within it. 

Knights gravitate towards dreams that resonate to their spheres, and sometimes may be unwillingly dragged into powerful dreams.  At their current power, Knights can watch a dream, question the dreamer, and use their free magic - but they cannot physically stop or influence the dream, or coerce the dreamer into doing something.   Knights can also find each other and travel through the Dreamscape, talk as a group and even train.  Within the Dreamscape, distance does not matter at all, so you can easily find a Knight from Atalanta, even if you are dreaming from Orpheus.  The dreams from the Sol System are a different matter, being too far away for our Knights to touch, but not totally impossible to reach.

Knights are special in that they are the only group in Vega who will become capable of communicating to the space beyond the tachyon web.  They are also uniquely equipped to be spies and secret agents, as their conscious form usually has no knowledge of their Knight formís activities - while the Knight mind knows everything their conscious self knows, and can communicate what they know to other Knights, Senshi, or Resistance members.  Knights have powerful martial art abilities, being talented at combat and weapon use, but most have relatively low magical ability.   



How do the Knights become masters of kung fu, etc?

It's a mixed bag.  Your Knight might actually be good at kung fu in his conscious life, or he may be a total klutz.  Some of their martial talent will just be due to magically being better at it, while another chunk of it is tied to being able to train at it while either in the Dreamscape or in the real world, disguised in their Knight form.

Are the Knights supposed to never ever realize their alternate hero identities?

Certainly they should not stand up in their first story and be like "woah, I'm actually Morpheus!".  It should be a mystery for at least a while, to both the Knight and the rest of the cast.  Remember that their identity is kept secret to make them more effective bodyguards, and so once they discover their real identity, some of that security is compromised and Sin might be able to go after them. 

How are they supposed to get close to Princess Phoebe as regular people?

Phoebe is a really nice girl who likes to make friends!  There are a lot of possibilities here though - maybe your Knight was hired to repair the Gloriana and decided to stay on as an engineer, maybe they were a pirate under Tam and met Phoebe that way, or maybe they lived next door to Phoebe and Vaness for a few months on Eurydice.

There is no saying that they need to be glued to Phoebe's side either.  The second mission of the Knights is to preserve the health of dreams in their realm, and certainly Vega has seen enough strife so that the dreams of the people as a whole are troubled.  So a Knight may instead be out trying to liberate the Orphan Farms, or rescuing the people in other ways. 

So Knights look different in the Dreamscape than they do in the real world?

Yes, at least to start with.  Phantasos, for example, may appear in the real world as an armored knight with a bright scarlet scarf, but in other people's dreams, he may appear as a fox with a red kerchief.  Knights encountering each other in the Dreamscape may see each other in their human forms, or in their dream forms (the fox), depending on how they feel.  The reason why Knights want to take different forms in the dreams of people include not wanting to be recognized in the real world, and also to take a shape that suits dreams better, like the playful fox, or the black wraith.   

How long have the Knights in Vega been active?

That is entirely up to the player!  It is possible that some Knights have been active since the coup 8 years ago, and have been fighting against the Resistance and seeking out Phoebe since then.  It is also entirely possible that your Knight received their powers very recently, either due to another Knight dying, or because power was transferred to them in a dream from the Knights of Sol.