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Title: Coppelias: Cherubim
Post by: Edgewise on June 28, 2014, 08:11:47 PM
Cherubim are absolutely the fastest things on two legs.  They're generally smaller than the Elohim, and closer in size to average human heights; their strength, while superhuman, is less than an Eloi's because their power is focused more on speed than on strength.*  Unfortunately their outstanding speed makes them more vulnerable to overheating than any other type of Coppelia.

Cherubim are also characterized by their cleats; their formal footwear is also cleated, and the public speculates their hypothetical bunny slippers would also bear cleats.  Like the Seraphim, much of their weaponry can be built-in: fangs, claws, talons, retractable metal fingernails, assorted small blades, and occasionally even horns.  Cherubim weaponry that isn't sharp in some way is exceedingly rare.  Spurs are not favored, however, because they add weight to the feet, and can trip up a runner.

These Coppelia are the bad cops.  Specifically, they are The Bad Cops: the force that makes the KGB look like Barney Fife.  Cherubim have no Good-Cop/Bad-Cop routine; they have edited the strategy to Bad-Cop/Worst-Nightmare.  They learn very quickly to get respect and results through physical viciousness, but to win promotion they have to learn a much more subtle kind of nastiness.  Cheubim have an unspoken code regarding violence among themselves: it is absolutely forbidden in public, and in front of other types of Coppelia; but in private, for excellent reasons, and especially when it's easiest to conceal, conditions are somewhat less strict.

Although they have the worst public image and a reputation for being difficult, no records exist of a Cherubim having ever attacked another type of Coppelia.  Either it has never happened, or the incidents have been expunged.  Individual Cherubs working with Seraphs or Elohim must be evaluated case by case, because there is no reliable means for predicting Cherub sociability.

Additionally, the public impression of Cherubim is subconsciously that of a pack-hunting predator--somehow a solitary Cherub is considered significantly more approachable than a pair or a group.

*Because they have essentially the same actuators, a Cherub in a pinch can express the brute power of an Eloi by running as hard & fast as she can at her target, but because her frame is much lighter, she risks breaking apart on impact.

The Gazelle
The long-distance track star.  Not the fastest, but able to go much farther than other models before overheating.  Unless you're an experienced marathoner, she will catch you.  Usually the tallest Cherub model, but not always.

Think: supermodels, shoujo manga heroines, greyhounds, giraffes.

The Cheetah
Absolutely the fastest: the Cheetah model is supposedly capable of reaching speeds up to 100mph, although this result is heavily contested.  Being able to reach higher speeds than other Cherubim, however, means she can overheat much faster, so it's common practice for a Cheetah to take a running leap in an attempt to tackle her quarry, rather than burn out and lose it.

Think: Olympic sprinters, champion twerkers, zebras... & again, I am too het to know offhand of celebrities with rockin' booties.  ^^;

The Vixen
This lightweight model is the only one designed with parkour in mind.  She can go places even the Greta can't, and very quickly.  Althought the Vixen lacks the weight to accelerate like a Cheetah, the same approximate strength gives her the greatest high jump and long jump of any Coppelia.  Sometimes mistaken for a Sylph.

Think: ninjas, foxes-?  ...Honestly, I don't know anyone in the entire world with this physique.  I'm certain there is someone, but the rest of you are more likely to know her than I.  sorry
Title: Re: Coppelias: Cherubim
Post by: Edgewise on June 28, 2014, 08:17:27 PM
Srsly guys, if I ever walk up to you and start babbling about various celebrities, you can put a bullet in my head, 'cuz that's a pod person.  Failure at popular media is one of my distinguishing characteristics.   :-\