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Title: [Arcadia Station] The Beholders - Autumn 3696
Post by: Empress Su-en Bendis on December 11, 2013, 07:54:29 PM
Though she never indicated such an emotion outwardly, it was with anxiety that Empress Bendis waited for the new Atalanta model to be completed.  Riots on the planet Atalanta were no threat, fortunately; the people of that world were not difficult, being passive and uninterested in the greater Vega system.  But rather, the image of the Angels as infallible suffered as a gap in their ranks remained open.  So the incumbent angel must be even more powerful, wise, and lovely to make up for lost ground, and quickly win the adoration of the people.  The empress believed that the candidate had the intelligence, but had doubts as to whether the other traits would emerge so naturally.

And here, in the private lab that only she, Angel Topaz, and a select few others could even access, did Empress Bendis find some of her anxieties quelled as soon as the door opened for her, pouring bright, warm white light into the cold and metallic walkway.  Leaving her bodyguards behind, she walked to the new creation set at rest in the center of the laboratory, and did not even address the good doctor at first, so eager was she to inspect this final version.

Delicacy and a quiet pride rest on the dormant woman's visage - upon first impression, she appeared a perfect Atalanta, even more suiting than the previous.  Empress Bendis touched the new angel, drawing her fingers over curve of the shoulder and slowly up the side of her neck.  With sensors thousands of times more sensitive than a human's, the empress could feel the small charges of energy pulsing under the skin, the faint lifesong of this statue-still beauty. 

Sometimes she wondered how closely Topaz's projects resembled their human forms.  How many Coppelia, in their flesh lives, had even approached the beauty they would achieve once they were perfected?  But the empress dismissed the curiosity as banal, and likely insulting to this doctor's sensibilities.  After all, how often does a person behold a butterfly, and then wonder how well it resembles its primitive larval form?

Empress Bendis let her fingertips rest on the angel's cheek for a moment longer, and with her noble chin raised, addressed the good doctor himself.  "What inspiration did you draw from this time, Dr. Arji?  I can think of a few words myself, but I would like to know from you."   
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Post by: Dr Kivan Arji on December 15, 2013, 12:30:27 PM
A small, inscrutable smile crossed the lips of Dr Arji's preferred Topaz face as he watched the empress examine his latest creation. "Exquisite, isn't she, Your Majesty? Truly one of my finest works to date." He smoothed the angel's long, dark hair and adjusted a curl over her shoulder. In truth, he felt the tiniest bit anxious himself; he always did when he was presenting a new project to Empress Bendis, especially when it was as important a project as an Iron Angel. It was so important to him to please her. But he felt confident, despite the slight case of nerves, that she would find this latest one as flawless as he did.

"I was inspired by stories of the angels of old, whose names the various Coppelia models bear. Since she was built on a modified Seraphim chassis, I thought to recreate the androgynous beauty of the highest order of the angels. If you'll observe," he said, reaching up to switch on the overhead exam light above the dormant angel's face, "from certain angles and in certain light, she's quite obviously a woman. But from other angles," and he adjusted the light, "she resembles a beautiful young man. This was intentional, of course, so that she might appeal visually to the largest percentage of the population. All who gaze on her will fall in love with her, whether they are male or female."

Topaz glanced over at Empress Bendis and turned off the exam light. "I do hope she meets with your approval, Your Majesty," he bowed.
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Post by: Empress Su-en Bendis on December 30, 2013, 12:16:43 PM
Empress Bendis' lips pursed at his bowing.  On principle, she did not pass out praise to her subordinates so easily, for she was not there to reassure them like a doting school marm.  But she looked for the male and the female of the Angel, as Dr. Arji suggested, and she realized that even she could become utterly taken in by the appearance of Lapis.  On her tongue froze her initial comments back to him.  While impressed, she did not want the doctor to think he had enchanted her out of her wits.   

"That is poetic, and suiting," she conceded, because some sort of approval was due.  Finished with her up-close inspection, the empress stepped a few feet away from the Angel, as to watch the whole figure where it lay.  She glanced at Dr. Arji, to see if he was finished as well, and then lifted one of her hands up.

The empress made a subtle hand motion ahead of her, as if she were softly sweeping open a lace curtain, and the air before her rippled like a wave of heat.  Within a moment, the three-dimensional model of a brain appeared, lake blue and quiet in color, with notations around it and an electronic pulse on the upper corner, keeping note of total brain activity.  Bright, silvery threads were strung through some of the networks, and indicated where brain activity was routed through the neuron staples. 

Finally, though it would appear odd to any doctor besides those in the empress's employ, a second, monochromatic view of the brain appeared on the display as well.  Though the same shape, it was fainter and grey in color, like a ghost of the greater model.  The second brain then merged together with the first, creating an overlay effect.  Activity in the first brain would be brightly colored, while activity in the second would result in black, white, or grey spots.  Though if all went well, there would be no activity in the second at all.
When Empress Bendis seemed satisfied with the display, she flicked it away, over to a white wall situated behind the sleeping Angel.  She and Dr. Arji would be able to watch the models, while the subject would be left at unawares. 

"I do expect that she will be as elegant in motion as she is now," she said.  Her bright, sharp gaze was held on the doctor.  "Is she prepared for some exercises?"   
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Post by: Dr Kivan Arji on January 03, 2014, 02:11:44 PM
Topaz was pleased that Empress Bendis approved of his work on Lapis. He knew she didn't give out praise readily or in an obvious manner -- it was one of the things he admired about her. And he knew she couldn't deny the perfection laying on the table before them. Lapis really was some of the finest work he'd done to date.

"The cybernetics technicians have completed their preliminary systems testing," he replied, "and she has passed with flying colors. And of course I am done with my part in her creation. So yes, I believe we can wake her up and put her through her paces."

With a wave of his hand, the lights of the lab grew dimmer and warmer, a golden glow focused over the reclined form of the fledgling Angel. A soft, low melodic hum filled the room, setting the environment for her awakening. He then moved to the side of the padded operating table she laid on and began turning the wheel to bring it to a more upright position. The table rose to a near-vertical angle, enough so that Topaz and the empress wouldn't be looming too much over her but not so much as she might slide down and fall to the floor.

Topaz stepped back to his position next to Empress Bendis, his attention focused on the display on the wall behind Lapis. "Ready to initiate the start-up process, Your Majesty."
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Post by: Empress Su-en Bendis on March 19, 2014, 03:49:30 PM
The Empress strode closer to Lapis, so that she stood directly before the reclining Coppelia.  She laced her hands in front of her, her chin raised, her eyes bright but her entire expression soft yet reserved.  Though she disliked the word, she focused on the ideal of serenity, and held herself with the utmost grace.  Bendis would be the first thing that the angel would behold - she always stood as thus to new angels, to remind them of whose grace they could thank their lives for.

"Your Majesty is here, and she commands you," the Empress said, surely and clearly.  "Awaken, Lapis."
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Post by: Seren Callamina on June 03, 2014, 06:20:05 PM
For a moment, nothing seemed to happen to the angel on the table.  Then, as if awakening from a deep sleep, her chest softly rose as color melted into her cheeks.  As with the other angels, she was designed to perfectly mimic a human, from breath to the blinking of her eyes.  From an offline state, the effect was startling - as if she had been awoken from death by the kiss of a fairy tale prince.  She took a deeper breath and her eyes fluttered open, a deep indigo fitting her designation.  After a short period of blankness, she focused on her Queen, and a smile blossomed over her face in recognition, rich and promising.

"My Queen," she said, her voice soft and deep.  Like her body, it seemed to delicately straddle the line between the masculine and the feminine.  There was pleasant surprise, but no questioning or doubt in her tone, as if she had never thought for a moment that the procedure would have been anything but successful.  "You do me honor with your presence.  I had not anticipated you would be present at my awakening."